At Virtual Event Services for product owners, brand managers and sales leaders who would like to increase brand awareness and expedite the sales funnel, we have developed a dedicated, custom branded, fully managed virtual event portal that helps to increase your customer’s confidence significantly about your products and services while making your online events look professional, run hassle-free, leaving your attendees impressed and excited for the next one.

The story of Virtual Event Services goes back to multiple decades when online conferences or virtual events were not even a thing. Remember recording events on a VHS and uploading them on a website was a crazy advanced technology? We do.

Providing virtual events, conferences and webinar series came to us as a natural progression from the decades of experiences in creating digital contents, live broadcasts, software development and creating interactive tools for a wide variety of industries from Insurance to Pharmaceutical.

Thomas A. Edison was right when he said, “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” but we had more than just a plan. We have had a solution, a platform that has been able to serve our clients flexibly from invite-only product launches to open to public virtual conferences that hosted more than 300 remote speakers and 1,800 attendees from all over the world.

While many others were still trying to figure out how to use a web conferencing tool, we hosted virtual business breakfast series to bridge the gap between ”the way it used to be” and the present.

But it would not be truly us if we comfortably lean back and watch our business grow, unless we see your business flourish. Therefore we are continuing developing the virtual event service of tomorrow.

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