• To stay connected to your clients and partners
  • To stand out from your competitors
  • To expand the audience reach with no limit to distance
  • To spark engagement among your audience
  • To generate sales leads and maximize revenue
  • Fully customized virtual events—with your brand front and centre, not your tech provider’s.
  • Fully managed service—providing and handling technology, from registration and speaker training to post-event report
  • We provide content, creative design, and expert visuals for a professional look
  • Choose from an array of innovative digital tools to increase interactivity and engagement
  • Our team of professionals will be there to provide live technical support
The turnaround time for your event depends on the level of production you need. We are always open to working with you to achieve your goals in your desired timeline. As a general rule of thumb, you should leave at least 12-16 weeks to plan your virtual event, from concept and research to showtime.

Virtual events are not one size fits all. They can range from 30-minute webinars, to multi-day, broadcast-quality experiences. This means costs can vary dramatically. However, once you identify a few elements of your event, it will be much easier to determine the budget needed for production.

Once you give us the event date, length, and type and choose the features you need, we will be able to give you a cost estimate. Please fill out our questionnaire which takes less than 3 mins.

Yes! At VES we care about speakers and how their content is delivered. Our team of event coordinators will guide them throughout the process to make sure they are comfortable with the event technology and deliver a seamless performance.

We handle group and one-on-one training sessions as well as deliver tutorials, tips and best practices to help speakers be prepared.

Many companies typically use Zoom or other webinar for their online events. With zoom, you have less control over the technical execution of the webinar. If anything goes wrong, you don’t have anyone to help right away.

With a VES production, a dedicated technician is provided to ensure all speakers are prepped and that the broadcast goes smoothly. We provide a high-quality production with professional services and studios that showcase your company. Our packages also include a full technical crew similar to an in-person session, with options for live switching with graphics content, video support, cameras, and more.

Virtual fatigue is real. Meeting organizers are rightfully concerned about their virtual attendees becoming “Zoombies.” We help you increase virtual engagement by delivering stand-out content; we can craft engaging virtual exhibit hall and incorporate lively graphics to keep your audience interested.

We’ll help you decide the best plan of action for your event. From our experience, you can be successful in both live and pre-recorded presentations. For a large event, a pre-recorded talk or education session helps to alleviate some of the technical risks of a live broadcast. And if you’re looking for audience engagement, you can schedule a pre-recorded session to air, and then bring in the speaker for a live Q&A.

We are always hard at work producing a wide variety of virtual events for our clients ranging from enhanced webinars to full-scale virtual environments. For example, we have produced international multi-day conferences, continued education programs, internal breakfast meetings, professional series of expert panel discussions, wine and cheese parties – just to name a few.