Medical Education

Professional development and education is especially crucial in health and pharma. We build CMEs, working with our subject matter experts to develop educational content, handling accreditation as needed and leveraging our ability to deliver a wide range of formats, from e-learning modules to webinars, gamification and training events incorporating interactive experiences to maximize engagement rates.

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Mechanism of action explainer video

Animated explainer video with subject matter expert or KOL

Accredited continuing medical education (CME) e-learning course

Digital interactive exercises for online and event use

Fully animated and narrated CME

The Pharmacists Are In

Inform and educate HCPs through podcasts

iPACT, International Pharmacists for Anticoagulation Care Taskforce

Produce CME e-learning modules

Corozon Platform, e-learning and e-commerce portal

Educate pharmacists to expand their scope of practice

Modern Leaf

Leverage education to build a cannabis brand

Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical and Medical

Produce 10,000 presentation slides

Customized, dedicated virtual education hub for HCPs